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Your Love.
    Your Book.

A custom gift book of all the reasons why you love someone.

Recreate the special moments
that you and your loved ones have shared

Immortalize the story of your relationship in this professionally bound gift book.

Start Your Story Now! start arrow dk

Spend time reconnecting with the one
you love by reading your story together

This keepsake will forever be cherished and easily accessible on your bookshelf.

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Customize every aspect of your
LoveBook to make a one-of-a-kind gift

Select from over 100 beautiful, full-color covers
and add your own personalized title.

Search from thousands of page ideas and customize them to
fit your relationship, or start from scratch with a blank page.

People agree: LoveBook is a hit!

I just want to say that I'm completely thrilled with how the book I created turned out. I just received it and it is above and beyond my expectations. Each drawing is exactly how I planned it and saw on the site. The printing is professional, on good paper, and the overall quality of the book is superb (I ordered hard... Read more

~ David L. 03/26/14

It was great and showed up exactly when I needed it. Thanks

~ Chad S. 03/25/14

The book turned out great. I will be displaying it at our wedding as an adorable personal touch.

~ Jaimie C. 03/25/14

I put this together for my wife to give on a couple retreat. It was hard to keep it a secret through valentines day because of how great the book turned out! I gave it to my wife at the perfect time and she loved it!!!! She cried because of how much it meant to her and told me it was the best gift i have ever given... Read more

~ thomas g. 03/24/14

It was easy to create and fun to build. My wife loved it.

~ Matthew B. 03/20/14

Building the book was fun and my wife's reaction to it was F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!!! She reads it over and over. Thanks for the experience!!!

~ Murray E. 03/18/14

An amazing idea, and the book came out even better than I expected (great quality).

~ Sabine N. 03/17/14

Thank you LoveBook! I got to create an amazing book for my boyfriend for our 1st year anniversary and he loved it! I had so much fun creating the pages online and your team put the book together so perfectly. It also arrived all the way to Australia a week earlier than the estimate date given. Will definitely... Read more

~ Ashani . 03/16/14

Making my book was so much fun. I couldn't wait to give it to my boyfriend, and he loved it, too. I'm pretty sure he teared up!

~ Amy H. 03/15/14

I wasn't quite sure how he would take to this sort of gift cuz Eric is that biker kind of guy that tries to come off as your typical guy's guy kind of way. BUT... OMG... HUGE HIT!!! He actually said it was the best gift he's ever received, and wanted to know how the heck I pulled that off. He was amazed with all... Read more

~ Patricia N. 03/15/14

I didn't quite know how she was going to react to the book, but it brought her to tears. Quote" This is the best gift you have given me!". We have been married for 15 years so that says alot!!! Thank you for the wonderful gift of building a history of love!!!

~ steven c. 03/14/14

I absolutely love the book! Worth the price and worth the wait. It was an amazing surprise for my boyfriend and I was very happy that he loved it. Turned out to be a great birthday present. But I received it later than the estimated delivery. Anyhow, quite understandable since I am from Iloilo City, Philippines, far... Read more

~ Alma S. 03/13/14


~ Brooke M. 03/13/14

I absolutely love LoveBook! Creating the book was so much fun and so easy! I received the book earlier than expected and my boyfriend cried when I gave it to him for our anniversary! Thank you so much!

~ Brooke M. 03/13/14

Brilliant! This is the second time I've used LoveBook and I couldn't be happier. As someone famous once said... "I'll be back!"

~ Suzy C. 03/13/14

He loved it!!! Everyone that I had told about it wants one for themselves :-)

~ Chrissy F. 03/12/14

Such a cute and creative idea! I made my husband one for our 12th anniversary and had our daughter color it for a little extra special meaning. He loved it.

~ Lisset G. 03/12/14

This was an amazing surprise for my wife! She loved the book and it turned out to be a great birthday present. Thank You!

~ Becky W. 03/12/14

The book was an absolute hit!!!!! The receiver felt it was so personalized and special. Wonderful idea and so glad I found it! Not a creative person, so I really surprised my receiver!

~ JEANNINE S. 03/12/14

My Girlfriend loved it. It was a perfect and personal gift to her.

~ Gerry . 03/11/14

I loved it! I gave it to my husband for valentines day he loved it results were great and arrived a wk before estimated arrival date!

~ Claudia R. 03/10/14

Giving experience was thrilling. Outstanding! what a novel idea. Shocked my spouse and the family. They gave me such praises thanks to you lovebook online and team. Thanks!

~ Aspi . 03/10/14

It was amazing. When he realized that I made that book from scratch, placing all of the little objects in the page one by one to make it look like our real surroundings, he couldn't believe it. Ever since I gave it to him, he keep showing it to people that come over, he leaves it where he can see it and flip trough... Read more

~ Marie F. 03/10/14

Extremely great customer service. Received the book in perfect order and my boyfriend loved it so much. This customization is a fantastic idea. Would highly recommend everyone to try this website.

~ Vanessa K. 03/10/14

I, enjoyed making the book for my husband and the best was the look on his face when he read it.

~ Sharnessa S. 03/09/14

So, I created a LoveBook a few days before Valentine's Day for my girlfriend and the order told me that I would receive the book on February 27th, 2014, but to my surprise, I got it on Valentine's Day. My girlfriend absolutely loved the book and now I'm interested in creating a LoveCoup and I cannot wait to see my... Read more

~ Kirsten D. 03/08/14

I created a book for the timeline up to our first anniversary and my wife absolutely loved it. I loved this gift more than the flowers, jewelry and dinner. I highly recommend creating our on book on this site the prices are fare and shipping on time. If you want a gift that is really from the heart this is worth the... Read more

~ Nicholas M. 03/08/14

I loved everything about it! came really quick too!

~ Alison S. 03/07/14

My son is 14 and he loved it! He was laughing at the details that resembled him and I doing different things together. I don't think he is going to outgrow this gift.

~ Willis D. 03/07/14

I bought this idea for my 4 year anniversary and it was a great success he absolutely loved it and thought it was the best thing ever!!!!

~ Sarah E. 03/07/14


~ Kassandra H. 03/07/14

I enjoyed building my book. And my fiance loved it

~ Robin W. 03/06/14

I made a book for my boyfriend for his birthday and he loved it!! The book was a success. It was both personal and hysterical. It's the perfect gift!!!

~ Athena S. 03/06/14

I gave this book to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He thought it was really cute. It was super easy to figure out how to navigate through the pages and customize as needed. Since one of our favorite shows to watch is Big Bang Theory, and I was not able to find any BBT figures on the site, I was able to make my... Read more

~ Julie F. 03/06/14

This was a perfect one of a kind gift! It was fun putting it together and even more fun watching my husbands face as he read through it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to put something special together for a gift.

~ Teresa R. 03/06/14

This was the best gift I've given my wife after 35 years of marriage. She shared the book with her friends and I was told it was the most romantic gift ever. The book exceeded my expectations, the printing and binding was professionally done.

~ Bill B. 03/06/14

Such a great gift idea!

~ Jessica K. 03/06/14

Lots of fun with great results.

~ Barbara D. 03/06/14

My girlfriend absolutely loved her Valentine's Day gift!:)

~ Jose G. 03/05/14

I had fun working on the book. He loved it. He said, "the best present I have ever gotten".

~ Irina A. 03/05/14

Bought this book for my Brother as a Birthday gift and I couldn't believe that he actually had tears in his eyes after reading it. Thank You again, LoveBook Online for making another important person in my life "Happy!"

~ Paulette L. 03/05/14

LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Great gift!

~ Andrea S. 03/05/14

I took my wife to lunch on her birthday and presented her with the book I put together. She absolutely loved it. We sat and laughed for the whole lunch and remembered al the things I put in the book- In short-it was a huge success!

~ John P. 03/05/14

Got this book for my husbands birthday. He loved it. He has everything you can think of. He said this is the best gift he ever got.

~ Malky K. 03/05/14

Sometimes I forget to tell my significant other what I love and appreciate about him. This book gave me the perfect opportunity to do so. He absolutely love it! He kept bringing up the whole evening after I gave it to him. Some of the pages were a little comical so he brought up how perfectly suited they were for us.... Read more

~ DANIELLE C. 03/04/14

My husband loved it. He keeps it on the table in the family room. I see him reading it almost daily!

~ Maureen M. 03/04/14

I have hand made a book in the past for my boyfriend and He loved it! When this year's planning for Valentine's day had approached, I revisted the idea! I do not remember how I came across the website ( I believe by a google search) but once on the story came to life! I was able to use alot of the... Read more

~ Taylor R. 03/04/14

She loved it!!! So much it brought tears to her eyes. It was personal, unique, and cute. It was a book of our love and reasons why I love her. It was a perfect gift and was not hard to create. =)

~ andrea v. 03/04/14

it was a very enjoyble moment!!

~ MELISSA D. 03/04/14

my wife loved it. it was the perfect vday gift. all the other ladies were jealous.

~ gary d. 03/04/14

It was everything I was expecting. I got it fo valentines day for my boyfriend and he loved it.

~ Geri A. 03/04/14

What a fun process.

~ Garrison B. 03/04/14

This was the perfect gift for a first Valentines Day together. She loved it! I can't wait to make another one.

~ Garrison B. 03/04/14

It was great my fiance really loved it, and thought it was an awesome idea. Also, the book arrived quickly and he was able to see it for Valentines Day :)

~ Danielle F. 03/04/14

What an amazing gift and an amazing experience!! The book was so easy to build and my boyfriend was overwhelmed by the personalization. I ordrdered the hard cover book. I think it was worth it so It will last a lifetime! The book arrived just in time for Valentines Day which was earlier than expected, so I was very... Read more

~ Claudine B. 03/04/14

Made a love book for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He absolutely loved it!!

~ Mary T. 03/03/14

Awesome site! Loved building the book! Spent ages at it getting it right (it does take time but there are lots of helpful templates and ideas). Quality of finished book is excellent and it came really quickly!! Love!!!

~ Pauline K. 03/03/14

I customized one for my husband for Valentine's Day. He absolutely loved it & thought it was so cute how it fit us! Everyone else who has checked it out loves it & has asked where I had it done. I have highly recommended everyone have one made for someone special!

~ Tina O. 03/03/14

It went super well! I did this for my boyfriend for Valentine's Day. He loved it!

~ Valerie j. 03/03/14

He loved it! And it was delivered well before the time stated, which was great, because it came on Valentine's Day!

~ Melanie G. 03/03/14

He loved it!

~ Stephanie B. 03/03/14

It was a great experience and my boyfriend thought it was very thoughtful and creative.

~ Krista W. 03/02/14

There were so many options and I was happy that I could customise the pages. It's such a unique idea that you can personalise for your loved one. The perfect gift to make them feel special and loved!

~ Natalie K. 03/02/14

I gave this to my husband for valentine's day and he loved it! It made him tear up! I showed this to some of my friends and they loved it too. They all want to make one for their husbands and family members. This is such a great gift for anyone!

~ kyndra v. 03/01/14

Well, I had ordered a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day and during Christmas wrapping and hiding of gifts so my kids would not find them, I misplaced the book I had purchased for Valentine's Day. I emailed you guys and you were able to locate my previous order so I didn't have to redo the whole book. I also... Read more

~ Lisa L. 03/01/14

Probably one of the best gifts I could have given! My husband was speechless!

~ elena b. 03/01/14

I have never seen this kind of thing it my life. It is an awesome concept and was fun to make.

~ Sarah S. 03/01/14

I thought that everything was wonderful! The book turned out exactly how I put it together! The choices on the site to put the book together were great. It was very special and funny. Thank you so much!

~ Emily R. 02/28/14

She loved the book. I was really impressed. I've shown other people your website and they liked it to and are interesting in making purchases. It was amazing! Good job guys!!!

~ Craig M. 02/28/14

It was fantastic!! Perfect valentine gift.. thank you!

~ Deborah R. 02/28/14

My husband loved his book! We've been married 17 years and I was running out of romantic items to give him on Valentine's Day. This was so unique and romantic. Thank you!

~ sarah p. 02/28/14

I got this for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. He loved it! The idea is very cute & original. Who wouldn't want a book "published" just for them?? I was originally going to write one reason why I love him a day for a month but LoveBook had almost all of the reasons as pages so I went with his instead.

~ Rosa A. 02/28/14

I was very pleased with everything. It really came out better than I expected. The delivery was fast it came at a perfect time the day before Valentine's day it was a lovely gift for my fiance. He just cried and was amused on how i pin point everything about our relationship and growing process. I really really love... Read more

~ Babette W. 02/28/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved it. He didn't expect anything like that because nobody had ever done that before for him. Thank you so much for this website I have recommended it to friends and family.

~ Rebecca C. 02/28/14


~ Pauline F. 02/28/14

My fiance and I met in a coffee shop, its been since 09. Lately debt has been high and funds very low. My man has been unappreciated and his ego hurt over having to take from Paul to pay Peter senario and juggle. He's kept the balls in the air for a long time. When he read the book, he cried. I knew he needed... Read more

~ Pauline F. 02/28/14

my girlfriend was shocked and surprised, even started to cry! Thanks!!

~ Brian C. 02/28/14

My husband loved it! He actually took it to work and showed all his co-workers! I made major brownie points. I want to thank you for shipping it so fast. I just had regular shipping and I didn't think I would get it by Valentines Day, but you guys came thru with flying colors. I have told so many people about... Read more

~ Marianne M. 02/28/14

My girlfriend was really in love with her valentine's gift. She told me that it was the best gift someone has given her. She enjoyed every single page.

~ Marielys T. 02/27/14

My husband loved "our" book! It was fun to make and to give! We had some great laughs over it!

~ Jeanette H. 02/27/14

What a great idea!! I bought one for my boyfriend for V-Day and he loved it!

~ Lindsay T. 02/27/14

If you really want to touch the heart and mind of those you love, then this is the perfect gift. Have purchased several of these for various family members thus far and all of them have agreed, that this was the most meaningful gift that they had ever received. "Thank You"-LoveBookOnline.Com for creating such a gift... Read more

~ Paulette L. 02/27/14

My husband really enjoyed the book. Thank you! Great Valentines present

~ samantha I. 02/27/14

my wife thought it was really cute and really enjoyed the book. I will have to remember this for other events as well.

~ Stephen B. 02/27/14

Thank you Love Book!! He loved it and it was really fun to make something so unique. He said it was the best gift he had ever received from anyone. Can't wait to make another one!!

~ Ghazala A. 02/27/14

Everyone is a fool if they don't do this at some time in their life, for their significant other!!!!! It is extremly easy and even more special to a loved one.

~ Todd M. 02/26/14

Coming from a guy that doesn't express much emotion my wife was absolutely surprised and loves it. Thanks for making it so tough for my next gift.

~ Anthony B. 02/26/14

Great book. Love how easy it was to put together. Thanks!

~ David R. 02/26/14

I am so glad I came across this website. The book was a hit. I didn't want to make the book to long so I couldn't use all the sayings I wanted. This gives me the opportunity to make additional volumes for additional gifts. I will probably use this site for other gift ideas as well.

~ Kellee R. 02/26/14

I was going to order my book to arrive on Valentine's Day but I procrastinated too much. It ended coming in on the day of my boyfriends birthday which was great! I am very glad it came in the mail with no signs of what it was. He loved it very much. He also said it was the most awesome gift he's ever received. Now I... Read more

~ Kaitlyn C. 02/26/14

It as exactly what I wanted! It was perfect!!

~ Natalie B. 02/26/14

It was a great gift idea and really unique. We laughed together as we looked through the book and he said it was very thoughtful. Thanks for a fun gift that I couldn't have done on my own!

~ Michelle S. 02/26/14

He said that it was the best Valentine's Day gift he has ever received! I'm happy!

~ Kevyn Z. 02/26/14

It went very well!! It was a lot of fun and the gift receiver really enjoyed it!!!

~ Rachael D. 02/25/14

My wife was in tears after reading our Love Story Book that you all made for her. She said that it was the best Valentine's present that I could have given her. I will be buying more items from your store.

~ David B. 02/25/14

I was so IMPRESSED by the whole thing. I made this for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he said that it was the best gift he ever recived.

~ Kimberly B. 02/25/14

So, IMPRESSED by the whole thing. I made it go my boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he said that it was the best gift he ever received.

~ Kimberly B. 02/25/14

well I orded this because my girlfrend likes different things. and this is different and sweet in my eyes. so you know we did the hole thing go out to dinner when we arrived at my house I had rose pedles a bigol teddy bear a love move, box of choclates, and my custom book in the teddy bears arms. when she read the... Read more

~ Austin M. 02/25/14

I loved the book and so did my girlfriend!! It was awesome!!

~ Kristin H. 02/24/14

My girlfriend Ivette loved it. Right away when she saw the front cover of the book, she wanted to cry. In fact right now at this moment literally, she has a picture of one of the pages on her whatsap profile pic. She was so happy with it that she also brought it with her everywhere to show to her whole family. I truly... Read more

~ Dennis L. 02/24/14

I gave this book as an anniversary present for the first year and my husband absolutely loved it :) for a guy who doesn't like to read all that much a reaction like that was well worth the money and time to create this. I 100% recommend this for any occassion.

~ Avana C. 02/24/14

I gave this book to my boyfriend as a valentine's day gift and he loved it. Very unique gift and the best part is, you can personalize it anyway you it

~ Yasaman A. 02/24/14

She loved it , now my daughter and mother want one as well, great product !

~ Luis M. 02/24/14

It was fantastic! He absolutely loved it!! Thought it was so clever and something to keep always. I will be back to make another at X-Mas time. Best idea ever! Thank you....Thank you....Thank you!

~ Carol A. 02/24/14

My boyfriend absolutely loved this as an anniversary present! While it was definitely romantic, it was still funny enough to not be too corny for a male. It's a perfect way to combine your own personal touch with something that looks professional.

~ Melanie M. 02/24/14

This gift had an amazingly positive impact. It was super easy to make and extremely personal like no other gift really could be.

~ Greg Z. 02/24/14

The book turned out great! It was the perfect valentines day gift and my boyfriend loved it, thank you!

~ Emily K. 02/24/14

Very Fun Idea. Recorded our ceremony and wedding vows in a Lovebook. My Wife Loved it.

~ Paul B. 02/24/14

I created a book for Valentines Day for my husband. He loved it! So unique! I love it. Website was very easy to use and easy to create your own drawing. I can't wait to make another one for my kids when the graduate high school.

~ Holly S. 02/24/14

I love this product and everything it represents! It's so easy to put together and it is so meaningful. I gave a love book to my boyfriend for our fist valentines day together and it was perfect. It made him smile and laugh just as I wanted. I would and definitely will use this product again Thank you

~ Brianna R. 02/22/14

I really enjoyed creating this book and it was a great Valentines Day gift for my man. He thought it was really sweet and fun. It definitely made him smile and feel appreciated :) A great idea!

~ Keira S. 02/22/14

They're very surprised that it was a very romantic gift

~ Patricia M. 02/22/14

They loved it thank you

~ Patricia M. 02/22/14

My husband loved the book and thought it was the sweetest gift ever. I loved it too!

~ Aileene L. 02/22/14

The book turned out great! I read it to my daughters everynight. I haven't told her that it is about us but I think she has a good Idea. LOL

~ MATTHEW J. 02/22/14

It was expecting to be a good gift , but turned out so great!!!, he couldn't stop laughing, he LOVED IT !!! ... Definitely a GREAT option to make someone feel loved.. I highly recommend it !!

~ Angelica . 02/21/14

My husband absolutely LOVED the book I created for him and was blown away by the customization!! Thank you for such an adorable gift idea!!!

~ Kimberly P. 02/21/14

My husband loved the story book! He thought it was very creative, personal, & went the extra mile!!!

~ Kimberly B. 02/21/14

it was perfect down to the last detail. and I thought it was such a unique way to express your love and admiration for someone

~ Stephanie C. 02/21/14

My Love Book experience was perfect! It was so easy to put together with a lot of great pages. I love that there was a wide variety of pages to chose from. I made a Valentine's Book for my husband and he absolutely adored it. We laughed reading it together and I can't wait to make another one! Thanks for helping me... Read more

~ Jaymie V. 02/21/14

My girlfriend loved it! I gave it to her at our Valentine's day dinner and she couldn't stop chuckling/laughing with each turn of the page. She says the LoveBook was one of the most thoughtful presents she has received.

~ Zheng C. 02/20/14

It was so much fun building the book for my husband and customizing it just for us! He loved it!

~ Nancy T. 02/20/14

I loved making this book! It was easy and had lots of pages to choose from.

~ sarah f. 02/20/14

My boyfriend and I were extremely happy with this product. Completely customizable, printed nicely, and I personally love that they bind it for you in either hardcover or soft. Would purchase again for many occasions and reasonably priced.

~ Maryah B. 02/20/14

Best gift I've ever given!

~ Liliana D. 02/20/14

She cried when she read it

~ jazmine h. 02/20/14

My boyfriend loved our first anniversary present. He really enjoyed reading it.

~ Rebecca S. 02/20/14

After being with my fiance for over 9 years I ran out of ideas for new and exciting gifts. I saw LoveBook on Pinterest and thought I would look into it. Once I saw the books and the different things that I could add to the pages I fell in love with it. I gave the book to my fiance on Valentines Day and he loved it.... Read more

~ Joy A. 02/20/14

He loved it! It was a great Valentine's gift for someone who has everything- this comes from the heart and you can customize it easily.

~ Cynthia G. 02/20/14

Really enjoyed the ease of ordering. It was very simple and the pictures looked exactly like the photos on the website.

~ Cagney M. 02/20/14

It was beyond my expectations!!

~ Pebble V. 02/20/14

My experience was over-the-top it was incredibly fun putting the book together the book arrived two days before Valentine's Day the receiver of my book said this is the most thoughtful thing anybody has ever done for me and is a the love of my life!

~ jodie f. 02/20/14

I got my book today and when I gave it to my loved one, he was very happy over it. It`s just good simple and special way to show your love. Thank you!

~ Kerli M. 02/20/14

Best gift I could ever give. Everyone loved it!

~ Vanessa . 02/20/14

My boyfriend loved it!!!

~ Marie C. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved the book! It was his valentines day gift. With Christmas and his birthday only a month and a half ago I was lost on what to get him, it wasn't until I saw lovebookonline, that I knew what that this was the perfect meaningful gift for him. What a great expierence! Thank you

~ Michele c. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved it!!! We had a few laughs as he flipped through the pages. Thank you for such a unique gift.

~ Lisa V. 02/19/14

It was a hit! my boyfriend loved it! and everyone loved the idea, it was so cute! its a great idea for a gift! my friends and family are considering making one themselves for loved ones!

~ Kelsee A. 02/19/14

Omg he loved it! I gave it to my boyfriend for valentine’s day... but I told him that he couldn’t open it till I left. After he read it, he immediately told me he cried! I was hoping it was gonna make him laugh! But he appreciated it so much and thought it was absolutely awesome! So thank you love book!

~ Megan H. 02/19/14

I absolutely loved how the book turned out! And my partner loved it as well. I've already told people about this website. Definitely would recommend to others and will use again.

~ Courtney B. 02/19/14


~ Meghan M. 02/19/14

My boyfriend Jared loved the fact that I created this book. We were able to take a trip down memory lane with the funny pics that I arranged to represent "our story"! It's a book we can treasure forever.

~ Kimberly C. 02/19/14

My girlfriend loved it!

~ Justin W. 02/19/14

He really loved it. We just sat there and laughed and laughed. Its amazing how the options you have relate so personally.

~ Melissa P. 02/19/14

This book was the best valentines present or present in general idea iv ever found. I loved the process of making this book. But more importantly my valentine was so amazed with the creativity behind it all, left them with tears and laughter.

~ Brianna C. 02/19/14

I've been thinking of writing a little book telling my guy the things I love about him and I was on the internet and saw the pop up for your website so I said I would do it for Valentines Day. Needless to say it was a great idea. He loved it. I can't forget the laughter and the way his eyes light up and glistened... Read more

~ Georgianna J. 02/19/14

my boyfriend loved it! thank you

~ Thanh T. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved it! !! He wasn't expecting something like this at all. He had a blast reading through all the things I loved about him. Thanks for the awesome idea.

~ Amanda W. 02/19/14


~ JASON B. 02/19/14

What a great gift idea. I made book for my boyfriend for Valentines day. He loved it

~ JULIE C. 02/19/14

I cried and I laughed, all at the same time. It was wonderful!!!

~ Bruce N. 02/19/14

My fiance loved this! It was something different, personal, & original. It took some time to make but was absolutely worth it, not to mention you know it isn't something he already has..."Reasons Why I Said Yes" as he had proposed a few weeks ago. Stephanie D.

~ Stephanie D. 02/19/14

He laughed... Then cried. It was perfect.

~ Stephanie S. 02/19/14

The book came sooner than I expected! He loved it and taking the time to customize it for us made it so much more special. I will definitely order from here again!

~ Natalie R. 02/19/14

I got this book for my boyfriend on Valentine's Day and he absolutely loved it! He could not put it down and loved how the characters looked exactly like us!

~ Lorie S. 02/19/14

I gave the book to him on Valentines Day and he seemed to really love it! He thought it was so creative and unique. I made most of the pages myself instead of the premade options, so the book was truly all about him. Thank you for helping me show him a little of how much he means to me.

~ Pat B. 02/19/14

He loooooved it! He thought it was funny and very creative! Never seen or gotten a present like that, he really liked it!

~ Laura L. 02/19/14

My boyfriend loved it!!

~ YESENIA V. 02/19/14

I was very nervous if this was the right gift since I didn't really see the book...but it was a total success, my wife loved it she even brought to show her friends big hit with the girls but big jokes from the guys- lol But I did it for my wife and she loved it...amazing it's what she said and I agree...

~ Daniel . 02/19/14

It went better than I could have imagined, brought my wife to tears!!

~ CRAIG C. 02/19/14

My husband said it was the best gift he ever received!

~ Robyn D. 02/19/14

My partner loved the book. At first he thought I just bought it at a Hallmark store, but several pages in he started to see customizations that only applied to us, and he loved it. Thanks

~ Mark N. 02/19/14

The book was a success. He loved it, I loved it. It was a really creative way of showing him my love. What a great idea

~ Marsha T. 02/19/14

I gave this book to my husband for Valentine's Day! He absolutely loved it. He thought it was one of the most unique gifts he has ever seen. If fact he plans on getting one for his sister for Christmas. I also sent the website to my daughter for her to order one for her boyfriend. She was very excited and her book... Read more

~ Scott L. 02/19/14

My girlfriend loved the book so much it was a great gift idea!!!!

~ Paul . 02/19/14

I gave it to my boyfriend on Valentine's day and he loved it!!! He was surprised that I gave him a book with customized pages just got him. Told him that I'll keep making one for every occasion so he would have a book collection hehe

~ Kim V. 02/19/14

It was the perfect gift that will last a very long time

~ Kevin K. 02/19/14

He loved it! On some of them we laughed so hard we were in pain!

~ Barbara D. 02/19/14

Justin (my boyfriend) LOVED the book I gave him for Valentine's Day! He said it was the most thoughtful gift he had ever received! It was a big hit and it was definitely a special memory for us! Thank you so much for being a part of that! Easy to use website, fantastic ideas, amd very generous prices! We have told... Read more

~ Amanda M. 02/19/14

My husband loved it!! He was very touched and he thought it was one of the best gifts ever. He loved the personalized touches and we giggled together as we went through and remembered special moments and quirky things about our marriage. Fun all around!!

~ Traci H. 02/19/14

Dear Team, first of all, I would like to thank you for such a great job! The love of my life was shocked by the way it looked and of course, our joint work on its content. He keeps reading it every day. This book is already a part of our family history. THANK YOU!

~ Irina O. 02/19/14

Fantastic! Wife was blown away by the sentimental and sweet lovebook I created for Valentine's Day. She loves chocolate but this mixed things up. Easy to use and fun and good price. It came out perfect, just as looked on computer screen and delivered quickly. Thanks.

~ Andrew S. 02/19/14

This was a Valentines gift for my special someone. I couldn't wait to give it! Once the gift was opened, we both laughed together at the funny pictures I created in regards to events in our life together. This was a gift that both of us got nothing but pure enjoyment from. Myself from creating and presenting it, to... Read more

~ Regina P. 02/19/14

Wonderful. It was given as a Valentine's Day gift and my loved one absolutely loved it.... Will be doing this again for other special events.

~ Clorenna P. 02/19/14

The book met all my expectations!! He loved it... he loved that it was personalized and made just for him. Said it was the most thoughtful gift he has received.

~ Renee M. 02/19/14

It was a great idea and it turned out amazing!

~ Cheryl S. 02/19/14

HE LOVED IT!!! I didn't realize how personal each page was to me until he started reading it. Then I felt a bit insecure about all the super personal thoughts that I put in this book for him to read. But He loved it so much and it was such a rush to watch him read it for the first time. WE BOTH CRIED! I LOVE HIM AND... Read more

~ Cassondra . 02/19/14

I created a book for my husband for Valentine's Day. Not only was he completely surprised, but he LOVED the book. The whole process of creating it was super easy via your website, and the printed version looked fantastic. I'll definitely keep LoveBook in mind for other occasions!

~ Stacy M. 02/19/14

He loved the book! Said it was one of the sweetest gifts he'd ever received! The website was super easy to use and delivery was before the expected date! Couldn't be happier with our book. Thank you!

~ MIchelle M. 02/19/14

Very easy & a great Valentines gift! :) affordable too!

~ Briana R. 02/19/14

This book was the best gift I have ever given anyone. It allowed me the opportunity to say the things I wanted to say without being verbal " literally " . His expression was much anticipated and, seeing how each page represented a part of our personal life put a smile on his face. Thank You Love Book for making this... Read more

~ Latasha . 02/19/14

I gave the custom book to my fiance... She loved it... She has read it lots and now really knows how much I lover her....

~ Sean M. 02/19/14

LOVE IT!!! Shipping is fast and book was amazing. My husband loved it.

~ Diana M. 02/19/14

My boyfriend absolutely LOVED the book! He was so surprised and amazed! He kept asking how I did it (: im so happy! Thank you so much LoveBook!

~ Zaira S. 02/19/14

It was a gift to my boyfriend. I gave it to him on our 1 year anniversary and he cried. I have only seen him cry once before. He said he will never be able to find a gift as good as this.

~ Emily M. 02/19/14

It was very nice and he loved it :) , very special

~ Fayrouz A. 02/18/14

My boyfriend loved it.

~ Victoria . 02/18/14

He absolutely loved it. We almost missed our dinner reservations because he didn't want to stop reading it. He has read it over and over.

~ Rene K. 02/18/14

It was great. She loved it!!

~ David . 02/18/14

I made/ bought this book for my husband as a gift from our 3 year old daughter for Valentine's Day. It is the perfect, thoughtful gift. I made the pages perfectly personal. My husband was so touched and can't stop reading it. I will definitely be making another book soon for a loved one and telling all my friends... Read more

~ Camille A. 02/18/14

My best friend loved her gift. She said it was the best gift ever. I would use LoveBook again.

~ Neomi C. 02/18/14

Wonderful! Very pleased and very affordable

~ Sandra M. 02/18/14

This was such a fun book to make and my new husband loved his Valentine's gift! Being able to customize the pages and faces and wording made it all that much better! Highly recommend this to anyone who wants to give a one of a kind gift! Worth every cent!!

~ Charity D. 02/18/14

Super easy, super adorable, he loved it. Its a great idea and it almost made him cry! :)

~ Sara A. 02/18/14

I was very pleased with the book I bought. Not only was it in much more quickly than expected, but it was up to every standard I had for it. I wish it would have been a little larger, however that wasn't a huge deal. It was a very special gift to give and it is the best decision for any special occasion.

~ Alyssa B. 02/18/14

Easy to use and awesome gift

~ Stephen K. 02/18/14

I was hesitate about creating a book for my boyfriend for Valentines Day. I was not sure I could make a cute book, but it turned out great. I did a "What I love about you..." book, it was thirty pages of all the things I love about him. I gave it to him and he loved it, he thought it was a creative gift and... Read more

~ Pam . 02/18/14

It was fantastic!!!!

~ Zulema R. 02/18/14

My girlfriend loved it! She cried when she was reading it. I put a lot of thought and designed the pages to fit our story. The more I added the more of a personal touch it had. I spent three weeks on it and I wrote the story of how we met to the time that is now. I designed the pages to tell the stories of our... Read more

~ Julie S. 02/18/14

He LOVED it!

~ jessica g. 02/18/14

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